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30 enero 2020

Justin Pitts, 'The legend of the archer'

Fotos: Jose Fco. Martínez

El pasado domingo pudimos leer en el Diario Información un maravilloso artículo de Mar Galindo titulado 'La leyenda del arquero' inspirado en Justin Pitts tras su exultante partidazo ante Melilla.  

Gracias a la disposición de Mar Galindo para colaborar con el blog, tenemos la versión en inglés de ese artículo, para que se pueda llegar más lejos... ¿quién sabe si la leyenda cruzará el charco? La cuestión es que es un lujo disfrutar de Justin Pitts en nuestro equipo.

The legend of the archer

Big legendary stories need big heroes. Those gifted with an enviable aim, able to shoot and hit the bullseye yards away with the help of a sling or a crossbow. Of course, we love them. Very often, that great ability makes up for the lack of other characteristics. Let’s take that old war among Israelite and Philistian people, back three thousand years ago. There we had a brave David, running through the battlefield without an armor just because he was not strong enough to hold it. But he trusted his god and the five stones hiding in his pockets to beat giant Goliath. A single shot with his sling was all it took to defeat the big guy in the valley of Elah. Victory was just a stone’s throw.

Two thousand miles away from that battle, around that age, there was another famous dispute. The main hero in the Trojan War, that handsome, strong, superfast Greek warrior, Achilles, could not survive Paris’ accurate shot at his heel. He died straight as an arrow. 

Every time, in every story, we love the character of the archer and his rebelliousness. At times, he hides behind the woods in Sherwood as an outlaw. A hero handling his gifted bow to steal from the rich to give to the poor, as the English medieval myth. At some other time, he refuses to pay respect to the tyrant and finds himself having to shoot his crossbow to hit a green apple as a target… an apple standing over his son’s head, a hundred steps away, as in the Swiss legend.  

In Lucentinian mythology, the archer dresses in white with a big number three at his back and walks his 5’10 in height through the court as if he was dancing among clumsy defenders unable to stop his deadly arrows. He can fire his crossbow from every corner, as a true Legolas, the fabulous elf from The Lord of the Rings. His extraordinary foresight finds gaps where ordinary people only see a wall. Together with his agility and speed, his lethal aim makes a legend out of him in every game.


From Robin Hood to William Tell, from Katniss Everdeen in The hunger games to Ygritte in Game of thrones, the arrows shot by the archer always find their way to make us fall in love. In HLA Alicante, artilleryman Justin Pitts kicks left and right: free throws, lay-ups, three pointers and every single basket he can land, no matter how close or how far he is; no matter how many opponents are in front of him. Supplied with an invisible quiver and an enormous set of dangerous arrows, his presence in the battlefield is a bonus. Whenever you see him loading his bow with an arrow, whether under the basket or 23 feet away, you know he is going to score. There is no giant big enough to stop him. He always hits the bullseye. 

Big legendary stories need big heroes. And the size of our hero is as big as his accuracy. Be careful if you come to see him playing in Alicante: You may be hit by an arrow. No, no MVPitts’ arrows. I mean those thrown by Cupid. Because this team and his legendary archer will make you fall in love with them.

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