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01 julio 2013

Entrevista a Taylor Coppenrath, elegido mejor jugador del Lucentum 2012-13

In my blog I made a survey in order to choose the Lucentum best player of this season and you were voted as the winner by60% of 150 votes.  How do feel about this?

I feel wonderful about that. I really enjoy the fans of Lucentum and is a huge honor to be named best player by the bloggers.

From an individual point of view, this season you have made your best games and statistics since you arrived Spain. In your opinion, which have been the keys of that improvement?

I believe that I played with more confidence and that my teammates found me in good positions under the basket. I had a lot of easy opportunities because of the great teammates I had.

As you know, Lucentum will not play ACB next year. Last year you lived something similar in Menorca. How do you feel about that?

Obviously I would love to move up with a team to ACB and especially would have been nice to move up with Alicante since I enjoy the team, city and fans.

After staying six seasons playing Adecco Oro, do you think this year you will definitely have the opportunity to play ACB? Are you excited about this possibility? 

I hope I will get an opportunity to play in the ACB. That has been a goal of mine for the past seasons. I am definitely excited about the chance to play at a higher level.

Why do you think you haven’t had the chance to play in ACB before?

Well I feel that some teams look at high numbers like points and rebounds but there are a lot of things I give to the team that don't show up in the statistics. They also said I have had injuries and not very athletic.

You have been honored as a member of The NewEngland Basketball Hall of Fame (Class of 2013). How did you feel when you knew that award? What did it mean for you?

It was a great honor to be named into the NEBHOF. Whenever you are inducted into a hall of fame that is a huge award! It meant a lot because I grew up in New England and played there at the University and now live there. Also my family and my wife's family were able to attend the ceremony which was great.

What do you think of the city of Alicante? Did you like living here?

I love the city of Alicante. It offers a lot of restaurants, bars, entertainment, beaches, and the people are very friendly and it is a beautiful place to live. I really enjoyed living there and that is why I decided to play last season also.

And about the fans? 

The fans are very supportive and great. Every season I played there I felt at home and I am so greatful to have played in front of them and for them. ¡¡Vamos Lucentum!!

Could you define your team partners with a Word or with a short sentence?

Sàbat: Incredible shooter and very good player
Rivero: Reminds of John Stockton (player who can pass and shoot at the right times) works hard
Kouril: He has a lot of talent for a young player
Bas: One of the best pure shooters I have played with
Huertas: Hard worker and one of the best defenders
Llorca: Provides a lot of energy and intensity
Green: Great shooter and athletic 
Middleton: One of the best athletes I have played with
Fernández: Good hands and smart player
Rejón: provides energy, strength and intelligence 
Rubén Perelló: Worked well with the players and good at strategy

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